1st Guitar Blank

(Fred Fowler) #1

Hey all,

After about a year of playing around with the XL, I finally started cutting my first guitar blank. It was the reason I got the machine in the first place, but have been too distracted goofing around…

V-Carve Pro, Shapeoko XL

Here are some pix:



(mark robinson) #2

Congrats Fred,Looks amazing,keep us posted @fredfow3 :slight_smile:

(Jerry Gray) #3

Excellent use of the machine!
Great Job, I like the big chamfer on the top and bottom.

(John) #4

Wow, this is awesome, could I have the file so I can made my own guitar? I will send you a gift of one of my invention Tasun Fishing Lure Retriever for this guitar gcode. Me & my wife also teach guitar lessons, I own a SO3 XXl and new to this CNC business and want to learn and what could be more awesome to make my own guitar on my SO3. Thanks