Acrylic holder for the Carbide 3D Probe

(William Adams) #1

Worked this up:


Cut out of “6mm” (which in my case was actually 5.5mm) thick acrylic, e.g.,

Attaches to the front end plate — how you glue it together determines which side.

Working Automatic Tool Changer
(Richard Cournoyer) #2

That is much nicer than the margarine container I was using. Hahaha

(William Adams) #3

Your margarine container has a big advantage over my design — it accommodates the clip — I’ve been clipping mine to the SHCS for the belt anchor, but in retrospect, should have included a cutout (or a pair, a hole and a divot?) for the clip.

(Richard Cournoyer) #4

That was then, now I just unplug it and store it (in the same container) on top of the machine (out of the way)


(William Adams) #5

Resolved my oversight of handling the clip in the simplest way possible — just put a magnet on the endplate above the holder and put the clip on that.

(William Adams) #6

Better photo of it installed / in use: