Adding a V bit to the library

(P Rob) #1

Sorry for asking but I couldn’t find information on this. I’m trying to add the Nomad #302 60 degree V cutter to the library. For flute length is just show “2FL”. I’m assuming that means it has 2 flutes where do I get the flute length? Am I supposed to be adding the length of cut in the flute length field in CC?

(Scott Conant) #2

Try this video

Carbide Create Video Tutorial Series - Carbide 3D

(Carl Hilinski) #3

When I put in bits, I use the maximum depth of cut for the flute length. I use Fusion 360 and it uses that depth to tell me when there is a collision (e.g. cutting deeper than the flute length). The Carbide website here says that bit has a .25 cutting depth, so that’s what I enter in for flute length. I could be wrong, but that’s what made sense to me.

(P Rob) #4

Thanks, that helps.

Does V carve default to the maximum depth when cutting? I need to use the v bit to slot some material but I want to be able to assign how deep the bit goes.

(Evan Day) #5

I’m under the impression that V-carving depth depends on the distance between the two vectors. Wider distance equals more depth, narrow equals shallower cut. So with fonts that are uniform widths, you tend to get predictable depths. For designs where the vector spacing changes, it becomes more difficult.

(William Adams) #6

I’m afraid that in Carbide Create there’s no automatic adjustment or multiple passes for Vcarves, you won’t get a good result if the widest portion of the path is wider than the cutting width of the V-bit, though now, the system will limit the depth so as to not exceed the cutting width.

(P Rob) #7

Thanks for your help.