Adjusting tool length measuring device

(Bob Hunt) #1

I’m having problems that I’m wondering if it is something to do with the tool length measuring rod or device (not sure of the technical name). I set Z to 0 when the cutting bit is just touching the surface of the wasteboard, but it seems that every time I cut something, the bit goes into the wasteboard when it receives a g-code command to go to Z0.0000. My only thought to this problem is that the tool length measuring device is sitting too low causing the tool length to be longer than it actually is.

So my question is this. Is there a way to adjust and calibrate this device so that when I zero the bit to the surface of the wasteboard, the measurement of the length of the tool is correct so that the bit doesn’t gouge the wasteboard?


(William Adams) #2

Please try opening a Log window and then set zero and measure a tool.

(Bob Hunt) #3

Don’t you mean “Jog” window. I know how to turn the machine on and zero the axis and measure the tool. I’ve been using the machine for months and I’ve been a CNC’r for over a decade. Your reply did not even come close to answering my question which is, how do I adjust and calibrate the tool length measuring device?


(William Adams) #4

Please try opening a Log window, then set zero and measure a tool, then copy the contents of the Log window to a message here and we’ll inspect it and see what is happening or not happening.

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