Amplifier backplate w/diamond drag bit

(Jeremy Brown) #1

Did this for someone, turned out pretty good. I gave the guy samples of different stepover settings for the drag bit. He actually wanted .0125 which to me seemed to course.

(matthew ) #2

Looks great!

Can you say anything about your feeds/speeds for the acrylic, and where you got your acrylic from? I have had mixed results in cutting – some comes out great and some is a melted mess.

(William Adams) #3

One consideration on acrylic is that method of manufacture can make a difference — cast (usually comes covered w/ adhesive paper on each side) cuts easily while extruded (usually has a plastic film on each side) is difficult to cut.

(Jeremy Brown) #4

Will is correct,

I use Cast Acrylic, it’s not something you can get at a home improvement stores.

Feeds was 50 inch/min plunge rate 10 inch/min, depth per pass was .07", speed was 3.5 on a dewalt.
I used a 2 flute bit

Drag bit settings were 100 inch/min and the depth/pressure was .25"

I purchased it on Amazon