Anodizing S3? --

(Tito) #1

I have an XL on order and was thinking about anodizing it a color. I know it’s anodized clear already. Would a second anodizing work? Anybody tried this? Any recommendations for providers of such a service? (It brings to mind the introduction of colors in the iMacs back in 2000-ish–before that all the computers were beige or black, iirc. )

(William Adams) #2

I believe you’d need to strip off the clear anodization first (just use lye) — one concern is the anodization which is applied is “hard” (not sure if it’s Type III which is usually dark grey/black) and due to the controls of the industrial process is more even and has a specific cell density which is unlikely to be achievable at home (though the chemical process is the same).

Lots of shops which will do this, or if careful you can DIY — just dispose of the chemicals properly — though one can use lemon juice:

(Dan Nelson) #3

Mine is anodized in saw dust :slight_smile:

As Will stated it would have to be stripped first, and should best be left to a plating shop if you want good lasting results. I don’t know what is done specifically to the factory rails, but I suspect it’s Type 2 Class 1 (Sulfuric acid anodizing, standard thickness, no dye added). In my work I’ve visited a few plating shops and honestly I wouldn’t want any of those chemicals in my garage. You could always get a pair of colored safety glasses and wear them whenever you look at your machine and pretend it’s a different color, less of a hassle and a bunch cheaper, haha!!