Any SO3 users running Estlcam?

(Luke) #21

@Estlcam - so with the new GBRL 1.1 does the control board need flashing?

(Jude Marleau) #22

I don’t know grbl because I don’t need to, my Estlcam is version 10.039 64 bit windows and I use windows 10. The estlcam preset for the shapeoko 3 has “GRBL 0.9 - 1.1 with PWM” as the selection for controller setup. So appearantly it does work with grbl 1.1 . I don’t know how to see what grbl i have. It also has other grbl options but I use the preset as provided. The estlcam site has a change log is you programmer types are so interested. For the flashing and reflashing by pushing the “prog” button: you can also cross the Z axis limit switch which closes the same pins as the “prog” button. My button fell off my board and they told me " to complete flashing your controller (which is not supported) you can short the z-axis limit switch - this pulls the same pins to ground as pushing the program button". NOTE: “flashing the controller” is not supported as estlcam is not a Carbide3d program, I’d suggest you badger support to allow your use of estlcam with regards to the warranty since Carbide3d advertises a complete ready to run system but CC and CM are not complete, The shapeoko3 plus estlcam is a complete ready to run system. I just don’t like being told that something I’ve been allowed to use is not supported, so like me, I suggest all communications be email so a record exists.

(Jim Amos) #23

Does it need flashing, that’s a choice. Estlcam generates GRBL friendly files, so if you like your Carbide Motion CAM workflow, you can keep it.

On the flip side, you can reflash your CM controller with the Estlcam “CAM” firmware and unlock all the cool CAM operations it provides.

I like them both and I can run either CAM operation at the flip of a few switches.

(Jerry Gray) #24

Yeah, it would be hard for a business to make the machines and the software, and let people hack it, and have a warranty at the same time. What a nightmare.
My hats off to them for working so hard at it, and keeping it affordable.
It is Great there are alternative controllers.
EstlCam seems to be the bomb for this, right now. Definitely worth the money, but I only get to use mine for fun once a week, so no need for a serious controller yet.
But I have a feeling I’m not done growing with this.
I want to get away from the oil, and metal and do this full time.
I love the dry snow of flying wood fibers, wee.

(Jude Marleau) #25

That’s true but they were very cooperative with my request that they allow me to use estlcam because their programs weren’t ready as fully complete programs, so even with the warranty issue they are still the highest level of support that I’ve ever experienced. All anyone needs to do is communicate with them what they need and they will help make your shapeoko experience rewarding. As far as the snow goes, I’m cutting plywood with a router bit instead of the endmill and by adjusting the speed can watch the snow change from powder (too small chip load) to snowflakes (grains or good chip load). I’ve always hated routers but I love the shapeoko 3 with the makita router, it’s the best use of a router I can imagine.

Estlcam, not CD3 supported so here is another site for questions