Anyone in Michigan with a Shapeoko 3

(Ali Evans) #1

I purchased my machine last year for a company I own, but have no idea how to use it. I’m still learning what G-code is lol. I know the machine is capable of cutting the shapes I need so I bought it before I learned.

At this ooint, I just wanted help getting vertain shapes cut.

(John Davis) #2

Where are you and what are you cutting?

(William Adams) #3

What shapes?

It should just be a matter of:

  • drawing or importing the shapes in Carbide Create
  • assigning paths
  • working out how the stock will be clamped and where Z will be
  • power up the machine and setting the origin
  • turning on the router
  • sending the G-Code to Carbide Motion

(Ali Evans) #4

I am in Detroit, MI.
I am going to cut wood 1/8in and 1/16in, acetate 1/4 in, steel 1/8 in, and aliminum 1/8 in.

The only thing is, I know absolutley nothing about G-Code and CNC. I have been studying lately, but I honestly don’t get it lol.

If I can find someone in MI, I’ll pay to have files made and to learn how to import them.

(Ali Evans) #5

Cutting circles and lines fo glasses.

(William Adams) #6

Okay, please draw something up which indicates shapes and dimensions and you can either post it here, or send it in to and we’ll work up a step-by-step on how to draw / model and cut it.