Anyone tried making a spirograph?

(Tito) #1

Just wondering how it worked out. Seems like a logical thing to try. Maybe even making a premium set from aluminum or brass? If only there were more time til Christmas…

(William Adams) #2

I considered it, being inspired by tools such as:

and similarly:,42936,50298

though I must admit I wound up buying:

(Tito) #3

Now that’s pretty cool. 'Course it’s always cooler when it comes out of a workshop :slight_smile:

(Carl Hilinski) #4

This is all we need:

(William Adams) #5

There are a couple of those — found one which was interactive based on touch ages ago — not this one:

(though it’s quite cool)

(William Adams) #6

Maybe this one?

Thought it was more interactive than that (touch, suitable for a tablet)

(Carl Hilinski) #7

The mexicanviking one outputs gcode. So that’s a plus. It probably would need a bunch of editing, but still…

(William Adams) #8

Yes, just noted that it goes straight to G-code — very cool!

And for those who want a more hands-on approach:

(Jude Marleau) #9

Check this out, big spirograph set only 11 $'s