Auto-Level Probe Problems

(Karl Schmaltz) #1

I’m trying to mill out some PCB’s and wanted to do some auto leveling to make things more exact. I’ve tried using Chilipeppr and OpenCNCPilot, but the problem is when I connect one wire to the board (ground) and the other to the bit it makes a connection already. The spindle is grounded. Is it suppose to be?

How would I be able to do this auto leveling probing? The only thing I can think of now is to make the bit itself non-conductive by coating it with something.

Any help is appreciated.

(Rob Grzesek) #2

The spindle is connected through all of the bearings to ground. Can you connect the top of the PCB to the probe input?

(Karl Schmaltz) #3

Good idea. I had to isolate the PCB board from ground by putting some nylon washer between the board and bolts, but it worked great. Thanks Rob!