Brushless Makita mod

(Vince) #62

@griff “AS” to positive as well sir.

The max speeds and feeds on the TAS will largely depend on your machine and setup ridgidity. I run close to 2000sfm on 1/4 and 2300sfm on 3/8s with microdrop ensuring lubrication and heat management. Usually run a minimum of ipm of 150-175 and 1.7-2.4 on the modded s3. Manufacturer recommends a 3 thou chip but we cant go that hard lol.

On a stock s3 I’ll keep it at 75ish ipm and 1.3-1.7 thou chipload to keep chatter under control.

@WillAdams imo it would be more effective adding a 5th bearing support to counteract leverage. I know I’ve had quite a bit of luck with that method. Thinking about trying a different style linear rail.

Im trying to get an electrician in here today to measure voltage and amp draw.

(Griff Carpenter) #63

@Vince.Fab. Ok, cool.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed from my pics that I have an hdz, albeit home made from @MrBeaver’s plans.

Right now I’m chasing down some chatter in +Y adaptive, 10mm doc, 0.3 load, 1500 mm/min, 24,000 rpm. When I get that fixed I’ll chop up some ali with the AC Makita to get a baseline then compare to DC performance.

Maybe if we both work on the same parts, toolpaths we’ll learn more? I know I will, haha!

(Gerald Mackelburg) #64

So your router speed is 30,000 RPM for 1/4" and 24,000 RPM for 3/8"? Wouldn’t your chipload with the 1/4" cutter then be 0.83 - 1.04 mils? What depth of cut do you use for each machine when slotting? Are you cutting 6061 T-6 aluminum? Are Lakeshore’s speeds and feeds for the usual DOC = endmill diameter?

(Griff Carpenter) #65

I wonder if this link will work?

All connected up, ran it briefly on a 6S (22v) LiPo. Stay tuned

This link shows router at full power. Now if only I had a watt meter :frowning:

Oops, amateur day, hit slow mo

(Vince) #66

Griff is that’s a 3/8s running I would say you are playing with fire at that chipload, looks like 0.83 thou. At 24k rpm surface speed is already a little over max recommended. If you dont take a big enough chip it wont take the heat with it, and melting AL to your brand new TAS isn’t good lol. If you have a test part I’ll gladly put some hours into machining so we can compare. I doubt you want to machine my parts lol

These are my default TAS settings for modded s3, usually stay within 20% depending on a few factors. I also try to stay away from plunge or full diameter slotting if I can. Usually those are my final contour cuts to free parts from plate so I’m pretty conservative. I’ll take a 0.015-0.030 full width doc depending on stickout and estimated deflection.

When rpm changes so does travel speed to maintain chipload. 30k rpm on a 0.250 is 1963.5sfm, my goals are to hit 200-220 ipm reliably in the future with a 0.100 DOC after a few more upgrades. Router vibration also plays a role at these speeds. I recommend running through the rpm range unloaded with an rpm meter to find out what your “smooth” high speeds are and program to those.

(Griff Carpenter) #67

Good thing I’m practicing in white oak!

(Phil Thien) #68

How are you liking the brushless, Griff?

(Griff Carpenter) #69

No experience yet, waiting for power supply.

(Griff Carpenter) #70

Power supply received, 24 volt/500 watt. Voltage dialed back to 20 volts.

Material is white oak, TAS 3\8”, depth of cut 7 mm, load 1.5mm

PS cool to touch, Makita slightly warm, 8 minutes to complete cut.

(Phil Thien) #71

How is the noise levels on these brushless units?

(Griff Carpenter) #72

The same I’d guess. 91 dB 2 feet away. 62 dB with door closed, 3 feet away.

(Vince) #73

Acquired for testing and given a quick run down on how to use it. Anyone have any guesses on real life amps/wattage???

(Griff Carpenter) #74

It’ll be interesting. I have some 900 kv motors for quad copters that draw 20amps continuous and 40 or more in bursts.

Maybe 15 amps or so? Wild ass guess

(Gerald Mackelburg) #75

Can’t guess without more details. I.E. material, axial and radial width/depth of cut, spindle speed and feed rate.

(Vince) #76

Heavier adaptive 25k+, 150+ipm, big chip loads. I’m going to try to push it as hard as it will take. Haven’t broken anything in awhile lol

That’s quite a bit of power Griff! I have an E-longboard with a 2.2k that only pulls 30amps max…but the ESC is also fully programmable

(Griff Carpenter) #77

Those beer cases are heavy, need some grunt to fly ‘em around the block.

(Dan Nelson) #78

I think my largest heli runs somewhere around 90 amps peak on 6S 2200. Blade span around a meter across I think? Would hate to get hit by that!!! Bet it would make one heck of a spindle…for about 6 minutes, ha!!!


(Griff Carpenter) #79

A little evaluation run in ali. 1” block, 65 mm hole, hmmm I wonder what this is for?

Used a 3/8” TAS for the first time in Ali, then a 250 2 flute generic, both per @Vince.Fab recommendations above for stock Shapeoko.

Router and power supply cool, calm and collected.

(Stuart) #80

This is looking like a very attractive option, I have been eyeing a 1.5kw ER16 Spindle on Ebay, to get the 3/8 collet size. The 18v makita is slightly less in cost, but do you think a speed control could be added to change speed via gcode?

Thanks for sharing your findings guys, awesome for the rest of us!

(Griff Carpenter) #81

@stutaylo, I have that same question, someone will chime in hopefully?

The other thing that needs doing is disabling the lock button in order to simply turn the router on/off remotely.

Edit: Disclaimer, anyone considering this option (router/power supply) please go in with eyes wide open. For me, this is an interesting little experiment. I certainly wouldn’t gamble any sort of production until we have more experience and multiple setups running.