Brushless trim router

(William Adams) #1

Interestingly, battery operated tools often have brushless motors — there’s a Ridgid which is available now:

and Makita announced one a while back:

(which is available now: )

If one could work up a direct connection from where the battery pack connects to a suitable power supply this would seem an easy way to get a brushless motor for a spindle.

(Phil Thien) #2

I wonder how much current would be required to substitute a DC power supply for the battery.

A little googling indicates a guy driving screws into a knot drew 9a on an 18v cordless drill:

I don’t think most users put that much torque on the routers, but the RPMs are pretty high.

There are 18v 20a supplies on eBay. But then the other problem you run into, is you’re going to need an enormously thick cable to run even 1.5 meters between the power supply and the router to keep your loss to 1% or better.

Maybe the power supply could be mounted to the x-axis beam to keep the cable short?

What type of loss (do we need to keep it to 1% or better) would be acceptable?

Here is a cable calculator:

(Craig) #3

10 ga wire would be fine for that short of run. You would want a fine stranded cable to avoid breaking strands with all of the movement of the cable chain. THHN will not work. Telcoflex is one style that comes to mind that would work, welding cable is also very flexible.

The batteries will be around 19.5VDC with a full charge, ideally a power supply that can adjust to 19.5VDC at the Spindle should work. The router likely has an operating range from 17VDC-20VDC.

Makita wasn’t able to give me the current requirements or wattage of the motor when I called tech support.