Calling HDZ owners with creative skills

(Luke) #1

Hello chaps!

I was hoping some folk with more creative skills might be able to assist.

I’m currently looking for some help taking photos, in return you might get your hands on some goodies early :slight_smile:

A bit more info here:



(Julien Heyman) #2

No creative skills whatsoever on my side, but I wanted to take a few pictures of my brand new HDZ anyway, so here are a few random shots

(Daniel Story) #3

I like that second photo the most @Julien :+1:

I took a quick stab at it, however was having troubles blowing out the background as my photography lights are down an out.

I emailed you the high-res version @MrBeaver.

(Julien Heyman) #4

What is that wire attached with the green strap ?

(Daniel Story) #5

SuperPID temperature sensor, tired to locate it “close” to the motor brush(es).

(Luke) #6

Not a bad idea. I was just about to add a flow sensor and measure the coolant temp…

(Daniel Story) #7

Always a good chuckle at myself when I first start it up and it reads 0C (Winter in the garage!) :smiley:
More off topic, You recycling coolant, to worry about it’s temp @MrBeaver? Also reminds me, I have yet to devise a bracket for the HDZ to reattach my coolant mister.

On topic, I might reshoot that chip making shoot again. Been a while since I’ve tired to shot action, and forgot about increasing shutter speed. Should be able to make the chip flying less blurry, maybe even frozen (clearly) in flight. Hopefully once I fix my photo lights as it’ll require more light.

(Luke) #8

Only in the sense that if the coolant is not warming up it would suggest the pump might not be working. I have a flow meeter to fit, but it’s not as cool as a thermometer :slight_smile: