Can we get 5' extrusions?

(William Adams) #22

FWIW, we ran a census back in the SO1/2 days:

and then an unofficial poll:

Interesting to go back and look at that now — 48" x 48" was the most popular option in the poll, and the second was 48" x 96" — but for the census, most folks had the stock 12" x 12" machine.

It’s also worth noting that there was at least some testing of a longer extrusion:

(William T Stokes) #23

All three links come up with the same error(at different addresses)

(William Adams) #24

Disqus rewrites URLs which contain certain characters — I’ve edited my post to insert them as hyperlinks.

(Stuart) #25

There are a few examples of guys joining the extrusions, with good results. This one is particularly tidy

Shapeoko forum: 54’x54’ scaled up shapeoko

(Phil Thien) #26

For 5’ extrusions I’d be willing to get an old pool table and use the slate top(s) (they come in one and three piece, I think) to use as a substrate for my base.

(Gene Gore) #27

I should receive my xxl upgrade kit tomorrow and will be joining my rails to get a 33x54 cut area. I will post pictures along the way and do a write up once I’m finished.

(Morten Dahl) #28

I have just made a cnc inspired by the Shapeoko 2/3 using Megarail80 which is very similar to the extrusions on the SO3. The router is 2000x1500mm and im experiencing a lot of vibration due to the large size.

. But the large working area I really great! :slight_smile:

(Anthony) #29

The endplates on an S03 are on the inside of the Y rails. I think supports could be bolted to the outside of the extrusions without interfering with any moving parts.

(Morten Dahl) #30

Yes I think you are right. That is also my next “upgrade”. I might need to cut of a little of the x-axis extrusion or else I would not be able to use the 40x40 extrusions at the ends. Due to a longer X-axis, when the wheels are on the inside of the Y-rail. It would probably also help to upgrade from 9mm GT2 to a 15mm wide GT2 belts

(Gene Gore) #31

A center support on those rails would help.

(Kyle Itzen) #32

I have been looking for a 4x8 machine and found the Routakit HD is available in 1500 x 2500 mm.

(William Adams) #33

For those who’re curious, that started on the Shapeoko forums:

(Stuart) #34

I looked quite seriously at the routakit HD, but the cost of getting it sent to Australia was quite ridiculous.

I only want something wide enough to fit a 4’ wide sheet. It would really make it useful for small production runs!
I’m thinking I’ll join the SO3 & XXL gantry, make the base out of 1/2" steel or 3/4" aluminium with an HDPE wasteboard.

If the extrusions are relatively consistent in size I think I’ll get an aluminium block machined to fit between the two extrusions, maybe 6" long, then run some bolts through it.