Cannot connect to carbide motion

(tandadesigns) #1

I just purchased a Shapeoko xxl and just completed assembly. I cannot seem to get it connected to carbide motion. I have tried restarting the computer, turning everything off and on etc.

(William Adams) #2

Please check things from the beginning:

  • power supply plugged in — green light on it?
  • power supply connected to machine — steady light on the control board? If not, make sure that if your power supply cord has a switch (tiny thing, easily overlooked as a ferrite bead) it’s switched to on
  • machine connected to USB and one gets USB connection and flashing lights to indicate that?
  • if all that checks out, press the reset button — if that then allows you to connect, let us know at

See the article at: — if none of the above helps, let us know what you’ve tried thus far at and we’ll do our best to help.


(tandadesigns) #3

I have tried the steps above. The computer recognizes the Shapeoko and says it’s working properly. I have carbide motion v4. I feel like it made some progress, because in my log it shows there is communication with the machine. Could it be possible that they did not update the gerbl to at least 1.1?

(William Adams) #4

Yes, the machine should have shipped with Grbl 0.9 which works with CM3, but usually CM4 reports a version error.

(CoreyE) #5

I’ve been having issues with mine as well. I updated to Grbl 1.1 and am using CM4. Any time I turn the machine back on and fire up CM4 it refuses to connect. The only thing that seems to fix it is running the updater and reflashing with 1.1.

(William Adams) #6

I suspect you have an out-of-spec part on your board — pressing the reset button on the controller ought to work as well.

Please contact — and we’ll sort this out.

(tandadesigns) #7

Sorry did not get back right away, I have mine up and running. CM3 works just fine.
Thank you!