Carbide Create Simulation Gives Blank Screen?

(Jeffrey K Dale) #1

Hello World -

New to Create and my Shapeoko 3 XXL - and everything makes sense and is working fine. I’ve been a designer for a long time and have used CNC a bunch too. No problem there.

So here’s the issue (and it’s more of annoyance than anything else):

Most of the time when I design something in Create and set up the cutting paths, the simulation works just fine. Other times (especially if I add a texture) the simulation does not show up at all. Sometimes I can preview part of the project (v-cuts without texture or texture alone) - so what gives?

So, I get that too much complication with the design could cause the software to spin out and it just can’t handle the task - but is there any way to resolve this - more RAM on my machine or somethig?


Is this just a limitation of the software? Should I feel ok generating GCode if I can only view previews of some but not all of the cutting paths at once?

Maybe the software isn’t designed to simulate the whole project? Anybody have some input on this?

Thanks Dudes and Dudesses!

(William Adams) #2

The software should generate a preview — if it fails to, please send the file in, along w/ the specifics of your system and a note on how it failed to and we’ll look into it.

While it would be nice if the software was perfect, it should work to use the more reliable toolpath preview in the Toolpath pane view — as a backup to that you may want to consider a 3rd party tool:

(Jeffrey K Dale) #3

Thanks Will!

I will also add that sometimes it will just crash the software. I have 8GB of RAM on a i7 workstation using Windows 10. Do I just need more RAM?


(William Adams) #4

It wouldn’t hurt, but it shouldn’t be necessary (our formal system requirements are 4GB).

(Loren Baric) #5

I just tried this program and it seems to do a much better simulation than Carbide Create.
Just load your .nc file