Carbide Create what am I not doing right?

(Austin McClure) #21

I’ll read through the link. thanks.

Nothing in particular was wrong with the SVG files, but I never tried them. The prospect of designing and creating tool paths in Fusion appealed to me… being able to use one software suite.

(Austin McClure) #22

I’m using the carbide3d.cps in post.

I left the WCS at default

screen grab of my setup. trying to get a trace tool path set up (the outline contour of the model) to run successfully before adding more tool paths to mill out the holes and slots in my model.

thanks guys!

(John England) #23

I would highly recommend trying a few different post processors. I had to experiment with that a bit before I stumbled on the secret sauce, so to speak. Try the post I mentioned above with WCS set to 1 (the probe WCS will also update to a 1, which is fine).

Do you have limit switches setup and/or are you homing before each job?

Another thing to check is that there aren’t any large Z moves in the positive direction (up) at the start of your g-code file. The machine is dumb and just doing what it’s told, so there’s likely something right there near the top that’s creating the behavior you described. Feel free to post the first 100 lines or so of the file and we can probably spot the issue for you.

(Austin McClure) #24

yes, I have limit switches. I home and set zero prior to loading a project and running the job.