Carbide Motion Error In Line 22: Arc Endpoint Error

(Stephen Kidwell) #1

The only difference is I am running Carbide Motion on a laptop now instead of my desktop as it is now in a garage. I keep running into this error and it doesn’t seem to matter which job I run.

Not sure if this makes a difference but I could not installed Carbide Motion v4 on the laptop without errors. I tried installed v3 and got through no problem. I then updated to version 4 and have maybe gotten 1 job to go through on a fluke.

Do I need to run that GRBL updater or something?

(William Adams) #2

No, The Grbl updater will update your machine to Grbl 1.1 (which is required by CM4).

The problem here is a disagreement in how arcs are calculated / verified. AIUI, the possibilities are:

  • Autodesk Fusion 360 calculates them wrong (Grbl is supposed to be very forgiving) — workarounds include: re-calculating in metric, turning off ramping in, disabling the use of arcs
  • a post-processor influences Fusion 360 to get them wrong (we need to identify which one it is)
  • Carbide Motion in re-writing the arc information complains about unnecessary data being left out as it is streaming — this seems to vary by version / build
  • Grbl wrongly assumes an arc is invalid when Autodesk Fusion 360 has calculated one correctly — this last seems pretty unlikely given that this problem has been on-going.

Please send problem files in to w/ a note on which version(s) of CM they have problems with, and what settings were used in Fusion360 and esp. which post-processor was used.

(Stephen Kidwell) #3

I actually got it fixed by installing CM 4.0.11

(Stephen Kidwell) #4

Hey Thanks again for this response. I ended up finding this error again on the last job to run on a relatively large project for my experience. I switched the job to metric and it fixed the issue. Could not have done it without you!

(Rob Grzesek) #5

We tested a file that you sent in (the inch version) and it was just outside of the limit that GRBL will accept. We’re having an internal debate over wether we should modify the arc on the fly to meet GRBL tolerance if the change is small enough that nobody should notice. Not sure if we’ll end up going that way.

(Stephen Kidwell) #6

You’re the man thank you :+1: