Carbide Motion Jogging Enhancement for Bluetooth Numeric Pads

(Jim Amos) #1

It would be extra special to enhance this operation with a numeric pad means of adjusting the jogging resolution between fast, slow, 1mm, 0,1mm, etc. Like bCNC or other CAM controllers using these keypads, supporting (+) or (-) keys to tab thru these choices would be fantastic. Throw in the Home key while you’re at it too.

(Dan Nelson) #2

If I’m understanding what you’re asking for it already exists. Press “Num Lock” and select 1,2,3,4 or 5. 1 is fast and 5 is 0.01mm. Click Num Lock off and resume jogging. Homing I don’t have an answer for, but then I usually only home my machine when I’m physically in front of my computer, the wireless jogging on a Bluetooth 10-key is great for setting zeros though so you don’t have to move, run around the machine and see if it’s right, then move again, run around again, etc…


(Jim Amos) #3

Thanks, Dan -

Finally back from biz travels and catching up on forum posts… I’ll have to try this with my next job. Is this documented somewhere that I missed (key mappings)?

(Dan Nelson) #4

Hi Jim,

It’s in this same thread: Wireless remote jog control for $18 - 1 minute install first post. I noticed that you posted over there as well, hopefully I didn’t just give you an answer you already knew? Anyways, I really like mine and it’s become invaluable for my work flow. Hope this helps,