Carbide Motion unable to load a new file

(Eirik) #1

In Mac Carbide Motion after running a g-code file, I am unable to switch the g-code file. I click the load file button, the dialog opens and I can select the new file, confirm the selection, and the dialog closes (Exact same process when selecting the initial file). However, the old file name stays displayed as the currently loaded file.

I have tried running the g-code anyway and it is in fact the original file and not the newly selected file.

This leads me to having to close Carbide Motion, re-open carbide motion, re-home the Shapeoko 3 XXL and then re-zero between jobs.

Setup Information
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88)
Mac Carbide Motion Build: 4.0.412
GRBL v1.1 ( Shapeoko 3 XXL)

(Reid Forrest) #2

Exact same issue here. I have to close and re-open CM to switch files.

(Eirik) #3

@reidfo are you also using a Mac?

(Reid Forrest) #4

Yes I am. Latest version of CM4.

(mikep) #5

This is a known bug…why it isn’t fixed, I don’t know, you would have to ask Carbide about that one. If you go to another screen, like MDI, then back, the name will be updated. It’s just the name that’s out of date, it does in fact load the file.

(Ray Allen) #6

I’m seeing the same thing. I also think the new file is actually being loaded, just the name is not updated in the window…

(William Adams) #7

If you right-click in the window, you get a small menu which includes an option to “Reload” which will properly update things.