Carbide3D Touch Plate

(Leith) #1

Hey Carbide 3D People

Last I heard (I think it was last year now) the boards had arrived for these. So I was just woundering how far away they are now? Or has this development been scrapped now?

(Richard Cournoyer) #2

I had an email conversation with Jorge last week and here is the update I received (paraphrased):

We (Carbide3D) are working on an exciting new (secret) project recently (which will be announced soon) and as such, the Touch Plate has been lowered in priority. Work will continue on it (Touch probe) soon.

Touch probe no longer going to be offered?
(mikep) #3

Was just wondering about this myself.

(Leith) #4

Well that sounds very excyting!

(John England) #5

All this classified project speak is reminding me of James Bond. -cough- Sorry, I’ll walk back the shenanigans. :smiley:

*Updated to remove all offending material.

(Leith) #6

John! Havn’t you read the rules of this forum. Anyone who mentions politics can be banned! By me!

(John England) #7

Made some minor adjustments. Better, Leith? :smiley: