Checking runout on the Nomad 883

(James Mitchell) #1

I decided to pull out my Mitutoyo dial indicator to check the TIR on the Nomad.

Check it out:


(Rob Grzesek) #2

A little added info:

We (Apollo) check each spindle for runout before putting them into a machine. Our spec is that every spindle will have a TIR < .001" when measured on the inside of the taper. We have yet to build one with runout above .0005" and the average is about .0002-.0003".

We don’t spec runout on the cutter shaft, like the video shows, because we’ve found that the collets can really contribute to the runout. The first batch of collets we ordered added a lot of runout so we ended up buying the next higher grade for production.

Thanks for the video.


Question about precision
(James Mitchell) #3

Well, Apollo must have been in his zen state when he put mine together. I just checked the spindle taper, and it’s the same, a little sub-micron wiggle.

(Warren Bailey) #4

Would love to see some more videos while we eagerly await arrival of our Nomads :smile:

(James Mitchell) #5

Someone on youtube asked me to do a video measuring runout on the taper while the spindle was running. Figured I’d post it here as well: