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@patofoto Just wanted to bump this to see if you made any progress, I’m in the same spot as/with

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@rmhco and Sorry for my long absence. I have not made any headway since last post unfortunately. With the Nomad, the offset value needed after probing with the tool length probe is something that I have not figured out. I was able, thanks to @neilferreri, to determine that Carbide Motion does something internally after tool length probing that cannot be done with GCode alone and CNCjs. At least that is what I remember. @neilferreri wrote a macro that performed the probing but the values stored afterwards were wrong. This only applies to the Nomad as it has a dedicated tool length probe. If you use a touch probe instead Neil’s macro works perfectly. What I would love is to be able to run a job where the GCode asks me for a tool change and after the new tool is set, probes automatically and continues milling. This is why I still use Carbide Motion. I am aware that breaking a job into separate GCode files would be easy but once I have a job dialed in, I like the convenience of a single job file.