Compact Spray Paint Can Organizer

(Tony) #1

The spray paint cans started complaining because I made the power tool batteries an organizer but didn’t make them one. Sometimes its hard to win.

They are happy now…

One 31" x 31" x 1/2"piece of plywood
One Shapeoko 3 XXL CNC setup (if you use a 1/8"
endmill for everything)
Snap and glue

Easy peasy…

DXF here…

VCarvePro file here…

.SVG file here



Paint Organizer
(Phil Thien) #2

You should NEVER store paint cans at an angle.

Alright, just kidding because I’m jealous, that looks fantastic!

(Tony) #3

HA! You had me there for a second :wink:

You don’t happen to be the same Thien that the Thien separator is named after are you?

(Phil Thien) #4

Guilty as charged. Here are some more characters to meet the minimum of twenty.

(Tony) #5

I’d love to talk to you sometime about cyclones and your experiences with trying to license or sell any of your designs. Let me know if you would be up for a 30 minute call sometime.

(Phil Thien) #6

There is really little to tell.

(Stephen Taylor) #7

Anyone having any issues with the crv file?

All mine pulls up is the circle cutouts

Edit: Nevermind got it to work, said it had some invisible portions and asked me if I wanted to show them.

(Chris F) #8

Wow, that looks awesome. I love how many cans this design holds and how you optimized the nesting of the cans. I think there is some scrap plywood in my shop that is destined for this project the next time I fire up my Shapeoko. Thanks for being so willing to share your design.

(Jonathan Ransom) #9

Do you happen to still have the svg file? Download links are broken now.