Contemplating getting an Nomad 883 Pro for PCB carving specifically

(Francisco) #1

Hi All,

I am looking for a super reliable machine that can be used to carve dual side PCBs specifically. I am between the Bantam Tools (used to be Othermill) and the Nomad 833. I am more inclined to the Nomad because it looks more solid, stronger and finer. I like the software tools from Othermill.

Can anyone give me an opinion on this?

(Mark Walker) #2

I haven’t used the OtherMill, only the Nomad. It appears to me that the Nomad is a more rigid machine with a broader set of capabilities. However, if you’re going to do only PCBs, the Bantam Tool might be easier/more reliable since that’s its specialty and Carbide’s software for that is a bit on the new side.

(Phil Gorsuch) #3

Have to agree with Mark here. I was looking at both previously and went with the Nomad. Have not used the Othermill, but it does look promising for PCB work. Not sure about the Othermill reliability but there are Nomads out there that have been worked incredibly hard in a production environment and thrived.
I wanted to do both PCBs AND other things and the Nomad accuracy and capability promised a machine that would be able to do more than the PCB thing. I will admit these days I go with PCB houses more often for PCBs now and save the CNC work mostly for antenna elements/structures, unusual substrates, and prototype housings unless I need a quick turn for PCB prototypes - it’s just less hassle and having a 3rd party worry about it saves time.

(Jeremy Proffitt) #4

I got a chance to use the othermill last week, I am still waiting for my nomad to ship, but am very sure the nomad is the supperior machine, not only is the milling area larger, as a cnc it has more options and most importantly, I was not able to change the bit in the othermill, my hands are too big. The software is good but does not appear anything special and it is not as Ridgid, the school I was at had 6, but one was clearly warped and the light weight made them susceptible to being picked up by the kids which is how one got damaged.

(William Adams) #5

Othermill is listed at: and is supposed to output standard G-Code which will work on other machines.

(Phil Gorsuch) #6

Informative Nomad PCB video: Signal Path Blog checks out the Nomad

(Francisco) #7

Thanks everyone for the help!

I really appreciated, will let you know what I decide…
Butt its looking more Nomad.

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