Couple signs I made for someone

(Jeremy Brown) #1

Couple of finished signs I made recently.

I had to really speed up the video to make it watchable, sorry if it is jarring. I am still learning the Video editing software.

Used V-carve desktop software to make it. I can post the file if anyone wants it.

(Greg Smith) #2

Nice work! I also use V-Carve, so I would be interested in checking out the file if you are willing to post it.


(Jeremy Brown) #3

Here you go

(Greg Smith) #4

Thanks. I finally had a chance to be on my main computer and download and look at the file. How did you come up with the settings for the texture toolpaths? Was it trial and error or did you find the settings somewhere?

(Jeremy Brown) #5

On V-carve, go into the toolpath tab, select the texture. Down right under the Angle section, about 2/3rds the way down, there is a load button. Click the load button and select Hand carve and that’s it.

Of course this is after you select an object to fill.

(Greg Smith) #6

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Thanks for the info. I only see two default textures in that area. Do you know if Vectric has more that can be loaded?

(Jeremy Brown) #7

I only have two as well, I don’t know of any but then again I haven’t looked through the forums to see if there is any more out there.

(Dave Richard) #8

Just wanted to let you know that Vectric has tutorial on creating your own textures on their website. It seems to be very thorough. Haven’t tried it out as I haven’t really had a need for that at this time.