Cowboy Dan. 3d Relief

(Jerry Gray) #1

There is a song I like by Modest Mouse called Cowboy Dan.
I designed, and machined a plaque in his name, today. :slight_smile:
Nice to be making again.
I’ve been obsessively cramming how to make 3D reliefs for a couple weeks, and to quote the famous words of @EvanDay "Learning has occurred!"
I’ve made 6 reliefs, like this one, just since yesterday, alone.

I had to make one in wood today, and I love it.
Machined on the Shapeoko XXL, in 1hr, 15 min.

The stain is an oil stain, called Early American.
The wood is 3/4" thick Pine, 11-1/4" Square.
Clamping was Carpet tape.
Roughed with a 1/4", 3FL, square, EM, from Carbide 3D.
Dewalt router.

This clipart is 1/8" Ball mill approved :wink:
1/8", 2FL. BALL EM.
RPM-27000 (MAX)
DOC- .125"
10% STEP OVER (.0125")

Cowboy Dan:

(mark robinson) #2

Turned out beautiful,Great job!

(Jude Marleau) #3

The student quickly becomes the Master. Very nice and inspirering. My Dad had a hat like that but it was a Moose River hat. Like the hand grenade too. Jude Also, thanks for the cutting data.

(Evan Day) #4

Thanks for the mention. This is really good work. I’m amazed at how much detail you were able to retain on the rifle considering its in Pine and not very large overall. I know who to come to when I start trying to do relief work.

(Dan Nelson) #5

I’m pretty fond of that saying as well!

Nice looking cowboy- Dan