Dewalt DWP611 Collets

(BDH) #1

Maybe I have been snoozing, but in the latest Carbide Create I noticed .063 and .031 end and ball mills listed in the tool library. I have the Dewalt DWP611 in my Shapeoko 3 and have never seen a smaller collet than .125" . Are these for the Nomad?

(Greg Smith) #2

I believe the shaft for these bits is .125, so you would use that collet.

(BDH) #3

Duh, I feel kinda dumb now. Where would you find these? And thanks for the reply.

(William Adams) #4

Carbide 3D sells one:

as does Elaire Corp.:

and there’s the nifty ER-style version which Precise Bits sells:

Some folks use reducing collets, but that’s an unnecessary additional part to my mind.

(BDH) #5

I apologize for being unclear. I have a 1/8" collet, but I have never seen the end mills in these sizes with a 1/8" shank. Again, sorry for the confusion.

(William Adams) #6

(Adam Albert) #7

If you live in the US, the eBay seller drillman1 is quite popular. I have been happy with the bits I have purchased from him.

(mikep) #8

I don’t think I’ve seen endmills with a shank smaller than 1/8"… I really can’t imagine how a 1/32 endmill with a 1/32 shank would even be stable.