Drew up a rough version of the U.S. Navy Submarine Warfare Insignia

(William Adams) #1

Unfortunately won’t properly work in Carbide Create AFAICT, but folks using other apps may find it of use — if anyone knows of a better original, I’d be glad to re-draw it again:

(William T Stokes) #2

What timing! I just came back from several days in Kings Bay!

(Jude Marleau) #3

Submariners are an exceptional breed IMO, my brother was in the Navy and in basic they offered him submarine duty, he ran to the commandant’s office, “I do drugs, NO I SELL drugs!!!” the Commandant asked him if he’d rather go to Leavenworth or do submarine duty, he chose Leavenworth, The Commandant realized his real distressed and advised him that submarine duty was volundary so he declined the duty and returned to regular duty whatever that was.