Easy way to Optomize Tool Paths?

(Brent Halbersma) #1

Is there any easy way to optomize tool paths using the Cardbide 3D software? I am milling out letters along an arc. The tool path starts at the left side of the arc, completes a letter and then moves to the opposite side of the arc and completes a letter. It keeps jumping back and fourth (left side of arc and then to right side of arc). It would be a more efficient use of time to work left to right (or vice versa). Thanks!

(William Adams) #2

Not really.

One can do a Boolean operation and then manually create a multiplicity of toolpath which are optimal for geometry which is suited to that sort of thing — some paths that’s not an option.

There are utility programs which address this sort of thing at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/G-Code_Utilities

(Brent Halbersma) #3

Thanks for the help Will. Have you heard if whether tool path optimization is in an item Carbide is going to be improving soon?

(mikep) #4

The toolpath work seems to be derived from Meshcam, and meshcam has the same issues and is quite mature, so I wouldn’t count on it. I grew out of the Cabide tools and switched to Fusion360. Took some effort to learn, but the CAM is fantastic.

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