Engraving inside of a pocket (Carbide Create)

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I have read a couple of threads but they have offered solutions that require using some other software. I am trying to do this project using carbide create/motion. The text on this sign is supposed to be inside of a pocket, so the concentric circles will be borders around the pocket. Hopefully that makes sense, the final sign will be round. So my question is if I return to the toolpath zero position to change bits and re-zero my Z axis how will the Shapeoko know the new start height for v -carving the text? I saw that if I was cutting contours I can tell it how deep to start but in V-Carving there is not that option.


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This is a simulation view of the sign without the text.

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Couldnt you set the Z within the pocket when you re-zero

(William Adams) #4

You have to use two separate files:

(Christian Curby) #5

Ok,this will probably sound dumb but I am still at the following instruction phase of my CNC knowledge. So after a tool change I re-zero Y&X and then jog bit to pocket and zero there?

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The link will posted above is most likely your best bet,id follow that.using two separate files.There no dumb questions here.Ask Away

(William Adams) #7

For tool changes see: http://docs.carbide3d.com/tutorials/tool-change/

(Stuart) #8

I think two jobs is the best approach with carbide create.

Be wary of changing your Z-zero on the second operation, as there is potential that the bit will travel through your existing material while performing a rapid to the next letter - as it will ‘think’ it is at the top of the material. Perhaps an increased safe Z height would fix this

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Hey Christian - If it was me after the tool change I would not Re-zero x and y and just rezero the z in the cut pocket. You need to ensure your retract height in your job set up is well above the original z height of your material though so you don’t run into any travel issues when v carving inside the pocket as already suggested.

(Christian Curby) #10

Ok thank you! This has been a big question for me I am going to try it on a scrap board today. Do you think I should run the final cut out after I engrave the text or will the tabs hold strong enough to do the engraving?

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Thanks Stuart! If I leave the safe height at the 10mm do you think that should work?

(Stuart) #12

No worries!

It depends how deep the pocket is, I would add 10mm to the depth of the pocket… I.e measure from the new z to top of your material, then add 10mm to that

(Christian Curby) #13

Thanks everyone the project ended up coming out great, I am still working on the finish but here is a pic of the engraving inside of a pocket. I learned a bit more about the machine and Carbide Motion through this, thanks for your help!

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