Error (1) error in line 20: arc endpoint error?

(William Adams) #21

Ouch. I would worry about reflashing so much and wearing down the EEPROM — please try to minimize doing that sort of switching.

(Alex) #22

i wasn’t aware that i’m updating the eeprom when switching between two versions of CM4 … anyway , i’m not sure I have other option until the issue gets fixed (short of stop using the probe).

cheers, Alex

(William Adams) #23

Sorry, not sure why I read that as updating Grbl — switching copies of CM should be fine — maybe duplicate the directory so that you can switch by just re-naming the binaries or something?

You have to run the Carbide Updater or save a persistent setting to touch the EEPROM, so my concern on that basis was wrong.

(Alex) #24

that’s what i though :slight_smile: … and that’s what I did (change folder names).

cheers, Alex

(Luke) #25

@nicualex can you have both open and connected at the same time?

(Alex) #26

nope … at least on my setup (W10) they don’t work concurrently .

(Luke) #27

Thought as much. Hopefully a new version soon.

(Luke) #28

v 4.10 didn’t fix it :frowning:

(Griff Carpenter) #29

I seem to be having all sorts of problems lately😡. Now this pops up right after I update to 410 to resolve the probe issue. Just cutting a square to check accuracy of machine now that it’s back together.
Never saw this error on 409.

(Luke) #30

What, you too are having the end point error?

(Griff Carpenter) #31

Yep, bad week for me. Think I’ll go do something else for a while!

(Griff Carpenter) #32

Reverted to 409, error went away…

(Luke) #33

I will try that - I’ve gone all the way back to v4 and the last one that works for me is 4.07

(Scott Conant) #34

Which post processor are y’all using on F360? I have found that can make a world of difference with these arc errors.

Could give this a try:

@RichCournoyer had one written too, but I don’t have a lot of time atm to look for the link

(Luke) #35

I’m using Carbide3d.cps I have no idea if this is an out dated one?

(Griff Carpenter) #36

Thanks. Didn’t even know there were alternatives.

(Griff Carpenter) #37

Scott, problem solved. I think. I’ve only run one job in CM 4.410 but no errors.

COOL, thanks again!

(Luke) #38

How did you install the post processor?

(Griff Carpenter) #39

Here’s the link I found.

(Luke) #40

Legend. That was much better than the article I found and could not follow