First test job running perfect "except" it's half the proper size

(Alan Trest) #1

As stated above, the job is running as expected except the size is slightly less than half size. Drawing is in inches, 8x6 inches. Shapeoko 3 is cutting 3 7/8in by 2 7/8in. Google search indicated some docs but a search does not find them.

Is this a known anomaly and what’s the proper solution?



(William Adams) #2

I suspect you have a board configured for 8x micro-stepping and are using the old defaults for 4x micro-stepping. Please see:

You need to go into the MDI after connecting to the machine and change $100, 101, and 102 to 40 (I believe that at this time they are set to 20).

You can verify the defaults against: and configure homing if you have it per:

(Alan Trest) #3

Perfect advice Will. Exactly as you described.