For Sale: Nomad 883 Pro + Flip Jig + Vise + Threaded Table and more

(Chris Sader) #1


I’m looking for a buyer to make good use of my Nomad 883 Pro with bamboo siding, vise, threaded table, flip jig, edge finder, and a bunch of bits.

All original box, packed items, etc. Maybe a year old and run for less than 10 hours total.

I’m in Yakima, Washington.

Seeking $1,700 + actual shipping of buyer’s choice. Pick-up / local meet is even better.

Let me know if you have any questions!

(Brent Halbersma) #2

Hello! I may interested in your Nomad. I’ve been looking to pick up a lightly-used Nomad or Shapeoko. I live in Boise so I would be looking to pick it up (not ship). Can you tell me a little about why you are selling it and if there are any problems with it? Thanks!

(Chris Sader) #3

Hi Brent,

I’m going to be moving in the next few months so I’m starting to downsize my tool collection, starting with those I’ve used the least. I’ve used the Nomad for a few very specific projects, and it performed beautifully, but I just won’t have the space for it in my new location.

No problems at all with it. There’s a small dent near the front inside where I dropped a tool, but it’s only cosmetic and not very noticeable.

I honestly wish I had more projects in mind for the Nomad because it’s a great machine.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can answer.

(Brent Halbersma) #4

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll DM you now.

(Chris Sader) #5

Still available! Let me know if there are any other questions. :slight_smile:

(Leon Hong) #6

I’m interested in the Nomad and all your accessories if still available. Do you know roughly how much it will cost to ship to Los Angeles, California?

Thanks very much,

(Chris Sader) #7

Hi Leon,

I’ll send you a PM. I’m waiting to hear back from another person right now on whether they’re going to buy it, but I’ll send you a PM with rough shipping.

(Bo Gao) #8


Is it still available? If so, I would like to have it. Location: Raleigh, NC.