Fusion 360 April Update


The new April update, and how it translates to STL files. Gone are the days of 1-2 hours spent on getting stl files into fusion.

If anyone can recommend a free program for recording videos that would be great. I tried iSpring, but it would not export.

STL to Fusion360 CAM
(MachineHeadLabs) #2

Autodesk has their own plugin called Screencast that captures Fusion360 operations and allows editing and adding voice overs for tutorials etc. It’s free. You add it as a button to your toolbar.

(Jim Amos) #3

Nice work @atrueresistance… If/when you get your Fusion video finished, please post. I’ d love to see this import and workflow and ultimate CNC generation.

(mikep) #4

Was playing with this today, and it really does work well.


I did find a flaw, how do you run a contour? Ended up rough cutting on the band saw.