Fusion 360 Vee Bit Engraving - What am I doing wrong?

(Curious in Portland) #1

Using Fusion 360 to make some signs with my SO3.

First test on bamboo was pretty good. I imported the line drawing into 360 as a dxf.

Only one corner had a little bulge where the vee bit did not quite get the corner correct.

Next test in Douglas Fir was not so good. All the corners look like crap. Here I created everything in 360 and used a True Type Font for the outline. Using a square end mill and 3d pocket clearing the font comes out perfect. Using the engraving option and a vee bit (same tool setup as before) and it looks terrible.

I know the bamboo cuts better than the Fir, But I don’t think the wood alone can account for the difference in quality.

Does this look like a problem anyone else has had?

(William Adams) #2

Check to see that your tool definition matches the angle of the endmill — might want to do a series of test cuts to dial it in.

Also, Z-axis zero is critical for this sort of thing.

(Curious in Portland) #3

Always check the obvious stuff.

I was sure I used the same tool definition on both jobs. But when I checked the angle was 45 now 30 degrees.

Much better results with the correct angle in the tool definition.

(mikep) #4

I’ve seen this exact thing, and this is a Z-height issue - the zero is set too low. Carefully set z-zero using a known thickness shim between the tip of the v-bit and the surface of the material so the tip doesn’t dig into the material. I use a .125" piece of brass (that’s actually .123" in my case)

(Curious in Portland) #5

Actually it was the chamfer angle. Fusion 360 was configured for 45 degrees and the tool was 30 degrees (or 60 degrees, depending on your point of view).

I ran it through the planer and ran the job again and the corners were fine.

I thought the letters could have been heavier so I dropped the tool 2mm and ran again. So the corners are a bit rounded from the tool being low, but I like the letter weight.

New photo by Andrew Hood New photo by Andrew Hood