Gcode Sender options

(Michael McClelland) #1

I have been using Carbide Motion for a year now. Any other recommendations on an alternative?

(Luke) #2

I’m trialing UGCS, it seems pretty good the 2 things it’s missing for me,

  • automatic spindle off - you have to add the command to your code
  • workplace co-ordinates system (although I think there is a way to do it with Macros)

The 2 things it has that I wanted

  • Probing for multiple different sized bits
  • spindle speed control during a job

(William Adams) #3

List here:


Notable options:

(Carl Hilinski) #4

I have switched from CM to grbl-panel. I don’t do very complex jobs and I only work in wood, but it’s been doing what I need it to do just fine.