Getting two scaled drawings(each scaled differently) on the same scale for overlaying

(William T Stokes) #1

I am sure I have missed this, but I cant find the “how to” in either Fusion360 or Corel Designer X6…
I have two scale drawings(actual paper) and want to import them into a program, dimension the distance between the same two points on each, get them in the same scale and then over lay them…I am certain this is attributable to my lack of familiarity in the software, the verbage, and the documentation…but any help would be appreciated…I know I saw a video somewhere at some point, but I have fallen victim “to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is ‘never get involved in a land war in Asia’.”…

(mikep) #2

In fusion this is called “calibrating” an canvas image. After you insert it, right click on it in the tree on the left side of the screen, and there is a “calibrate” option. You then pick two points on the image that are a known distance apart, and type in that value - it’s now scaled properly to the workspace. You can insert as many canvases as you want, but you’ll need to set them to partial transparency to see more than one.
Here’s one tutorial:

Here’s another:

(Jude Marleau) #3

I got several ways of doing that but I don’t have fusion or corel, I do it in sketchup all the time, just exactly like you said., “it’s easy, any questions, just ask”.

(William T Stokes) #4

Mike, Jude, Thanks! …I knew I was all over it-just lost in the translation-and missing the forest for the trees so to speak…
This is a key part to the beginning of my primary project…thanks for helping me recover from the stumble! I knew what I needed,just couldn’t remember the proper vocabulary or menu location.
Thanks Again!

(mikep) #5

It works pretty well, I use this all the time. I’ve copied a full set of model aircraft plans in this way and redrawn a lot of parts…

(William T Stokes) #6

I’ll be working on this a little later tonight, after the monsters are fed and in bed! Thanks again!