Going from Easel to Carbide Create

(Seth Lenker) #1

Hello everyone, Central PA Newbie here.

After countless hours of research I purchased a new XXL. In anticipation for its delivery I am messing around with Easel as their network of “projects” is pretty vast. Has anyone successfully taken a project from easel, downloaded the zip file with the svg code, and edited it in Carbide Create prior to sending it to carbide motion?

I know that you can export the gcode directly but I would much rather see whats going to happen first. For example when I download the zip and open it in carbide create Im noticing that several horizontal lines are missing. Thats kind of a big deal and dont want to waste product by just sending a bad gcode to motion.

Any thoughts?

(Neil Ferreri) #2

The gcode from Easel will work without a problem…use the preview there, it’s accurate. You’re adding some steps and losing something with the export/import (I’m guessing open paths). I don’t know why anyone would use a sender without a visual preview of the toolpaths.

(Seth Lenker) #3

Yea after doing a bit more research I’m starting to find that several people were having issues with the open paths.

In your experiences have you noticed any issues with the settings? For example I’ve read about issues with the z-axis being out of wack. Thanks @neilferreri

(William Adams) #4

If you try to use Easel as a sender for a Shapeoko 3 and do the configuration step, it will overwrite the SO3 defaults w/ those for an SO2/X-Carve — you can restore the proper settings by: https://docs.carbide3d.com/support/carbideupdater/#carbide-motion-v4

(Seth Lenker) #5

@WillAdams Awesome thank you so much for the help and being patient with me! Especially as im sure this was mentioned elsewhere too.

(Neil Ferreri) #6

The feeds, speeds, and depth of cut can all be set in Easel. Just don’t use Easel to control your Shapeoko. The gcode will be fine, though.