GRBL error - new setup

(Kevin Hart) #1

hello, I just received my new Shapeoko xxl yesterday. Got it all setup and once I hooked it up to the computer…nothing.
I’m new at this so I don’t know if its a power issue or what. The green light is lit up on the power adapter box.
is there an on switch im missing?

(Pedro Sullivan) #2

there is a switch on the power cord going into the SO3. But I assume you already saw that one. You can check the board to see if there are any lights when power is applied. Also when you plug it into your computer, and open Carbide Motion do you see any error messages when you click “Connect”?

(William Adams) #3

We have a basic article on this at:

as @uplinknova noted the usual problem is missing the power switch on the cord.

Another possibility is an out-of-spec controller — try pressing the reset button, or that we failed to flash the machine — try reflashing it:

If that doesn’t help, let us know at and we’ll do our best to help.

(Kevin Hart) #4

nope i am dumb enough to not see the power switch on the power cord. My friend has an older model that doesnt have the power switch so i didnt think there was one. thanks!

(system) #5

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