GRBL might be freezing?

(Matt Freivald) #41

Again, I had to use a powered USB hub into a USB isolator into a 1.5 foot standard USB cable into Shapeoko.

Here is the cable:
Monoprice 1.5-Feet USB 2.0 A Male to B Male 28/24AWG Cable (Gold Plated) (105436)

Here is the isolator:
SMAKN USB Isolator USB Digital Isolator Isolation USB to USB Industrial Isolator

(Torgeir Fredriksen) #42

I have had “serial errors” errors with my Makita as well (I have the 230V version though). I bought it some weeks ago as an alternative to the Dewalt due to its lower RPM range, and the Dewalt never had this problem. Tried different things, but what seemed to solve the problem was connecting the Shapeoko and the laptop to a UPS (uninteruptable power supply) while keeping the Makita connected directly to the wall outlet. The UPS effectively keeps any noise on the HV circuit from reaching the controller/laptop through its inverter (at least the “online” kind which I use). Maybe worth trying…

(Andrew Pell) #43

I think we are fixed now. Now more disconnects since adding the usb filter. I only finished the job and haven been able to get much time on it since due to work and sick kids/wife. I plan to try and cut some more tomorrow.

I’ll update later.

(Jim Amos) #44

Excellent news, Andrew. Glad the disconnects are mitigated.

(Jesse Glessner) #45

Definitely ground that spiral wire in the vacuum hose. I used one without a ground cleaning old insulation out of an attic and got a shock that was as bad as one coming from an electrical outlet. Better safe than sorry!!