Hardcore Aluminum milling on an S3

(Magnus) #185

realy inspiring work you do with you machines

(Vince) #186

@ydrefalk thank you! Beats having a real job :joy:


(Vince) #187

1" thick 0.125 plenum spacers. Because if it can run this deep full width no issues it can do anything

(Vince) #188

Evo guys are getting stoked! Almost ready for final melting

(Vince) #189

It’s not impossible
Its improbable
Work till you can’t fail

(Vince) #190

Mixed method digital fabrication partaaaaay

(Griff ) #191

Sweet. Love the attention to detail.

(Alan Nicholson) #192

Vince…stop with the goodies or I will never be satisfied with my abilities. Then again maybe that is a good thing.

For those who wonder if the Shapeoko is a decent machine your work proves its capabilities can be greater than many operators will ever master.

(Vince) #193

@Griff Its been really awesome having a customer that appreciates the time and effort! Its the details that set you apart

@Gerryattrick its totally possible to be satisfied and still keep a learning curve. The key is to throw in an uncomfortable aspect every once in awhile. I’m far from mastering it myself but have a pretty good understanding.

The Shapeoko has been a great teacher and its very comforting knowing that its still much better than I.

(Vince) #194

DATRON 8MM - best ever endmill. More on that later
Sock Needles! 10mm depth adaptive was fun

(Griff ) #195

So…which Datron 8mm? Single flute, flat, 30 degree spiral or?

(Josh) #196

Datron 8mm Single according to facebook.

(Vince) #197

I’ll get you the part number when I get to the shop Griff. I think its the top of the line bad mamajama.

Balanced. ZERO vibration at 30k

(Vince) #198

8mm 0068808X. So looks like the 4 in 1. This is a photo after use… can’t even tell I might have abused it a little :joy: