Hardcore Aluminum milling on an S3

(Vince) #165

@UncommonDad thank you! It’s been such a fun time learning and integrating this stuff. I’m kinda cheating because I live pretty much at the shop lol.

I’m really really excited about a new prototype cone thats only possible for me to make because of the cnc. You cant buy ones like this and they need to have certain dimensions for a dual plenum intake manifold to work and diffuse the charge air properly. Previously I had been hand cold forming them but this was not only very difficult it was also painful. Price goes up when a certain amount of pain has to go with parts.

I just started the cone and will split the drawing then make press dies with the appropriate clearances and radii to handle probably 25-30 tons of force. Also I have at least one customer that will pay to have his cone a full two piece billet part. The shape needs a little work but its suprising how easy things like this are to do in fusion. That was like six steps.

IG spinny vid (worth it to really see the curves)


Super excited with everything right now. Effort and design is starting to pay off exponentially. Looks like I’ll need 30" of 3"x4.5" solid 6061 for this, around 45 pounds. Good thing I have the initial order or sr20 coil adapters which i’m going up try to batch run, that will pay for this projects R&D.

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New Derive functions in Fusion are :heart_eyes:

Doing Maths today, figuring out main and secondary plenum volumes and runner lengths for multiple engine redlines and desired peak tq ranges. This one needs to make and carry power to 10,000 rpm. Also did the cad and cam for the billet plenum spacer.

Mock up for maximum build area constraints

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Just received the Red Evo 9rs parts back from powdercoating and stoked how everything came out!

The two s3s killed it and continue to exceed all expectations! Pictures dont do these parts justice. That hex hou :heart:

In other news theres a 1200+hp tri plenum in the works

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Boom, awesome trade for these drawings and they look perfect! Those two blocks are going to start out as 7x4x20 and need a total Y travel of 16.625 inches, good thing I have 17.1 lol.

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Round here we dont stop. Evo went together beautifully with the most perfect clearance, I probably have 50 hours into just that intercooler :joy:

Local shop needed a custom VW intake manifold made, really good guys so I fit them in. Going to cad up a plenum base plate that transitions the runners to velocity stacks, little double sided 3D. Also need to design a nice throttle body transition flange with integrated O ring. Part finishes and required tolerances change wildly from one feature to the next. Their budget is $500…its a good cad exercise for me so I’ll make them a killer IM.

Love being able to control and design the whole process from start to finish. Seeing something transform in front of your eyes is really amazing!

Green Monster Evo upgraded to a half filled block to reliably run 1000whp…that means I’m definitely doing an 8 injector setup with custom fuel rails. This type of power requires boost pressures up to 70psi and usually have nitrous added ontop. The challenge to design and fabricate parts like these is what I live for.

I need to design a custom safely “pop-off” safety valve for nitrous backfires and over pressure situations. Have ideas. Might actually add a high pressure exhaust wastegate that’s fed boost pressure, gotta think through everything.

(Stuart) #170

such interesting work, and awesome to see the Shapeoko killing it!

keep it coming, its so good to see what this machine is capable of!

I’m a sucker for Hex patterns too… now I can actually machine Aly properly I’m going to replace half the bits in my car with Hex-themed aluminium parts hahaha

(Vince) #171

Thank you Sir! I truly think this machine is even more capable then we know. Its just a matter of putting in a little love and learning

That’s awesome you are having good results milling aluminum! It’s a really fun metal and very satisfying. Hex pattern just looks boss when done right

update on vw IM got a good cad of the 3d plenum floor and probably will start machining tomorrow after mountain biking. Also going to be doing some GTR R35 parts here soon

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Shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny


Pushing pretty hard on this one, TAS at 150 ipm, 0.050 opt, finish work with 0.060 Bull @ 150ipm, 10 thou step

(Vince) #173

29krpm 175 ipm. Rough only

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Shhhhh, just let it happen

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I don’t think anyone is responding due to the fact they are drooling haha…

That looks stunning vince, nice work. So cool to see an S3 in a real shop doing real work. We all know it’s not a Haas, but it does a mighty fine job, at 3-4% of the initial outlay of the Haas option!

Very nice, keep the photos coming!

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That’s a really good idea. Did you do (or anyone else) do it?

(Vince) #177

Another one down, next up - trying to mount an 72k rpm air die grinder as a spindle before Ed and Winston arrive tomorrow lol.

In other news, evo dual plenum parts are go for press die machining. Bought a 3d printer, assembled and learned to use it, printed parts, made small changes in cad.