Help choosing a spindle

(Luke) #1

Hi guys

I’m looking to upgrade my spindle - on a long line of mods I’m doing.

I’m trying to choose between these two, they look the same but one is more with a collet set… a collet set on it’s own is about £15…



(ray) #2

just be warned that 2.2 is extremely heavy sitting on the shapeoko!!!

(Luke) #3

What one did your go with? Worth upgrading the springs?

(ray) #4

I bought a 2.2 kw ER20 that someone bought and didn’t use. It drops a bit when power is turned off.
I will probably use the inverter and buy a 1.5KW, It weights about 8lbs. less and only requires the Makita adapter from Carbide to install.

(Luke) #5

Why down size? I’d have thought the extra power nice?

(ray) #6

the weight is a lot and I’m not sure the added power is worth the EXTREME weight. LOL
I want to upgrade the Z-axis with ball screw and linear rails which will add some weight also.
I will buy the 1.5kw while keeping the 2.2kw and if it doesn’t work as well I will switch back

(Luke) #7

I went off on one and bought the 2.2kw spindle today…

anyone know what type of higher rates springs I can upgrade to?

(Adam X) #8

I can hear your derlin v-wheels crying all the way across the pond :-p

(Luke) #9

Apparently the spindle weighs 5.2kg! Pretty beefy. That said there is a chap running a 3.25 hp router, and that weights 4.5kg I think…

This should be interesting…