Help finding a wheel for project

(Stephen Taylor) #1

Hey guys!

Ive been looking for something like these wheels for about 2 hours now to no avail. I just need the wheels and all of them are attacked to something that is $80.

Even if I could find the flat rubber part I could make my own.

Wondering if any of you may be able to find these. Thanks!wheeewheee2

(Mark Walker) #2

Look for o-rings to get the rubber part. Though they aren’t flat, for applications like your pictures they usually sit in a semi circular groove. Like these: 223 Buna-N O-Ring, 50A Durometer, Round, Black, 1-5/8" ID, 1-7/8" OD, 1/8" Width (Pack of 20)

(Stephen Taylor) #3

Yea that’s what I was thinking initially. Was wondering how id cut the small groove though.

(William Adams) #4

To cut the groove, my inclination would be to make a fixture to hold the wheels on an axis at the front of the machine w/ a rotary / crank mechanism to turn them — lower the router onto a wheel w/ a suitably sized ball-nosed endmill loaded, turn it one revolution, lower, and repeat.

Alternately, a ball endmill intended for undercuts could make the cut with the wheel clamped flat on the wasteboard:

(when you see the price you’ll understand why I would use the fixture)

(mikep) #5

Or make a wheel from three small circles, two large, one smaller. Glue them together with the small one in the middle, then apply the o-ring.

(Stephen Taylor) #6

Holy crap… Yea that is not cheap. I think Amana tool has something like that but alot cheaper.

(Stephen Taylor) #7

This… This is a good idea. Thanks!

(Luke) #8

Mikes on the money! Although I’d mill it in 2 parts not 3 :smiley:

(Stephen Taylor) #9


What I believe I was thinking about.

(Stephen Taylor) #10

Mill the bottom with the lip then cut the flat top and glue?

(Luke) #11

Thats what I’d do. Chuck in an extra layer and use it as a centre pin.

That way they align nicely when glued.

(Phil Thien) #12

I’d cut two identical parts, each with an identical relief at the edges, and glue them together using the axel hole for alignment.

(Stephen Taylor) #13

Not a bad idea either.

This is why I come here… Ideas I haven’t come up with yet.

(William Adams) #14

Unfortunately those all have 1/2" shafts.

(Stephen Taylor) #15

Yea I saw that… They have some more somewhere I just can’t find em. But that’s what I was thinking. Just… $200+ for a bit is crazy (to me) I get they can get expensive

(Neil Ferreri) #16

How about a slot cutter with a router. Could use it on the CNC with some creative toolpaths, but probably easier on a table or by hand.
Another idea would be to use some abrasive cord (not sure what it’s called) and spin the wheel on a drill or motor.
How many are you making?

(Dan Nelson) #17

Cut two circles, chamfer with a vbit, glue together, add oring. Simplest way I can think of.


(Scott Conant) #18

cut out a circle, and hand file with a small rounded mill. might take a little while…but cheap. :laughing:

(Jesse Glessner) #19

You might try this site for “rubber bands” for your wheels:

Look at the Ranger Bands - wide, thin, black rubber bands are there.

(Steve Forrester) #20

If you’re looking for rounded rubber bands, try an old Hoover Vacuum cleaner motor band. Take a look at this link: [](http://Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Motor Bands). These are the nearest that I can think of that look like what you need. :slightly_smiling_face: