Help finding a wheel for project

(Clifford Land) #21

how big are these? would something like this work?

(Stephen Taylor) #22

Doing that work! 2-3in was what I was looking for. I might buy a couple and see what shows up.

(Temujin Kuechle) #23

make a router table, cut out the slot with the appropriate bit?

(Stephen Taylor) #24

That would be optimal. With the real job and a newborn I don’t have a whole lot of time right now haha.

(Eddie Garmon) #25

Tem is hitting the correct nail. Use the right tool for the job.
Use a simple circle saw/hole saw, then make the appropriate groove with a router.
You will be done way faster with a lot less headache.

Just because we have CNC machines doesn’t mean its always the correct tool.

(Temujin Kuechle) #26

There is the option of buying a router table, space and funds permitting, of course.

(Phil Thien) #27

Having a router table and a CNC, and a large drill press and every circle cutter/hole saw/fly cutter you can imagine, I’d still use the CNC to cut those wheels.

(Eddie Garmon) #28

I’m glad you don’t trust your hand building skills (just kidding) but I value my time (in dollars) way more than most on this list. There is no way I would throw that much money into making these simple wheels.

(Phil Thien) #29

Running larger hole saws through wood isn’t my idea of a good use of my time.

(Brian) #30

I’m guessing you don’t have a lathe, but maybe a drill press and a file like Scott suggests? You could cut the circle and center hold on the shapeoko, then come back and use a round file or sandpaper around a small dowel to shape the slot while it’s spinning on a lathe or drill press. If no drill press, what about mounting the dowel with sand paper on it and using a cordless drill to spin the wheel?

(Stephen Taylor) #31

Yea no lathe. I still need a decent drill press / router and router table / would like a drum sander.

But I’ve only been at this since May so I have time.

All these ideas are badass though, never thought I’d get this many.

(system) #32

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