Help staving off Insanity

(Eddie Garmon) #21

Anytime my friend :slight_smile:

(Stacy Boncheff) #22

Just remember, part of the frustration is working out the kinks. Part of the education is working out the kink. As you use the machine you will become more and more knowledgeable of what causes what problems. At some point, we will put together a troubleshooting manual with pictures and explanations. But when will we have time :slight_smile:

(Bill Smith) #23

Hey Stacy,

I have to agree with you. Didn’t really want to take up the new waste board and loosen all those parts, but the whole experience, including all the thread reading, was worth it in the end. I learned a number of things. Especially the effects of one part on another.

I don’t know exactly which change or adjustment or combination thereof actually produced the great final results. But, at this point I’m happy to just work with what I’ve got.

Though I haven’t experienced any problems with the Z-Axis, I still aim to check it soon as well. Now that I’ve put in another new waste board and received a new 3/4" flat endmill, I’m also going to take a shot at tramming.

All of my results were achieved with $100 & 101 set back to 40 steps and the video you referred to for checking the steppers just put an exclamation point on everything.

Thanks again for your help.