Help with Font ID

(John Ellenberger) #1

I have to duplicate the font used on this sign. Rockler would call it a “state park” font but of course there is no such thing as far as fonts go. Any ideas what this font with rounded ends on the letters could be?

(Josh) #2

The state may have guidance on the type of font to be used. I know CalTrans (California Department of Transportation) has guidance for signs that it produces/has produced.

(Josh) #3

Oh hey, this thread may be useful:

(Stephen Gullage) #4

According to, it’s likely one of these
Europa Grotesk SB Round A
Europa Grotesk SB Round
Proxima Soft SemiBold
Seconda Round Shadow 4 Fi
Seconda Round Shadow 3 Fi

(Jared Hooper) #5

Looks like Ariel Round Bold to me.

(Stephen Gullage) #6

Absolutely… surprised Whatfontis didn’t come up with that

(Jesse Glessner) #7

WhatTheFont Font Recognition APP is what has been recommended to me in the past. See it at:

(John Ellenberger) #8

Yes I have used it in the past. For some reason it didn’t pop into my head this time.

(system) #9

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