HELP with Image

(Jordan Hale) #1

Ok guys I really need some help with this image. I can not get a bitmap trace or anything to come out right for this image. If anyone can do this with a different program or way please help me out. I have spent a few hours and still nothing. I have been using Inkscape but I can get it to pick it up.

(William Adams) #2

Better original or source? Group name?

(Clifford Land) #3

still needs better source i think
looks like it’s from

(Jordan Hale) #4

Yea that’s the source, and can’t find any other source. Making some stuff for some Soldiers here at Ft.Knox and I just can get any trace off that image.

(Clifford Land) #5

how soon do you need it?

(Jordan Hale) #6

Next couple of days if anyone can help

(Jordan Hale) #7

It’s just MEDDAC Fort Knox, that’s what they are saying

(Joseph Hinton) #8

Best I could find :confused:

(William Adams) #9

Simple enough image, easy enough to re-draw. Just remember that it’s a lot of regular / repeated geometry:

Hang on, I’ll have a full re-draw done in a little bit.

(Jordan Hale) #10

Man your so awesome! I spent a good 2 hours trying to get it right and never worked it out. Thanks a lot your a life saver

(Roger Newmon) #11

This is simply traced. it could use some clean up since the lines are not 100% but it’s the fastest I could do (3 minutes worth) And it’s pretty good from what I can see in CAD.

LOGOTrace.dxf (247.3 KB)

traced with IntelliG-Code.
If I had a higher resolution input image it would help a lot.

(William Adams) #12


Imports fine:

(Jordan Hale) #13

Man it looks great thank you so much!