Hershey text import from INKSCAPE

(PWCNC-Rick) #1

ws-engravingIs anyone else having issues with single path Hershey text when saved from Inkscape as a plain SVG. OR INKSCAPE SVG.
I open it in Carbide create to try and do a simple text engrave and the letters are all mixed up and not even letters anymore.

(William Adams) #2

Please post an SVG here and we’ll gladly look into it.

(PWCNC-Rick) #4

tried to post it but it will not work?

(PWCNC-Rick) #5



(William Adams) #6

Click on the “Upload” (7th button from the left) and then select the file.


(PWCNC-Rick) #7


(William Adams) #8

That file doesn’t seem to make use of single paths as the Hershey fonts afford.

The 3D simulation is a bit rough, but the blue toolpaths seem fine.

Attached.misionstatement.zip (225.4 KB)